Yes I am old but I saw Queen on stage shirt

Yes I Am Old But I Saw Queen On Stage Shirt

Queen Elizabeth, I was the last monarch of the Tudor house. She was succeeded by her first cousin twice removed, James VI of Scotland from the House of Stuart. James VI of Scotland’s great grandmother was Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII and sister to Henry VIII, who was Elizabeth I’s father. Ok, back to James VI, who became James I of England. After him, the family goes like this.  What will occur is one of the biggest cultural shifts in the United Kingdom and beyond. For the first time in the memory of the vast majority of their subjects, there will be a new monarch on the throne. The Queen has reigned for 60+ years which means only those who are over 70 could realistically recall a time when she wasn’t a monarch.

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Yes I am old but I saw Queen on stage shirt

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For millions she isn’t just “a monarch” she’s the monarchy, she’s the only monarch they have ever known.  Elizabeth was never born to be the monarch. She was the first child of the King’s younger brother and it was expected the King would have children of his own who would leapfrog her in line to the throne. Even when the King abdicated and she moved up the line of succession she was still preparing to be usurped in her position if her parents had a son. They didn’t and she became Queen by default. She took the position at a time when women didn’t traditionally hold positions of power and authority. All of which colored her attitude to her role.

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