The Walking Dead Abbey Road shirt

The Walking Dead Abbey Road Shirt

I actually quit the show, after Glenn died, even though I tried to make it through S7, but I just couldn’t. I got too bored and depressed without him there, and the fact that no one on Team Family got angry at Daryl about indirectly causing it with his selfish disregard in his recklessness in that lineup in the 7A midseason finale and just took him back with open arms again, even Maggie, Glenn’s wife. It was at that point that I just said, “Fuck this show! I just can’t take the fact that they killed off Glenn for no reason, and that no one on Team Family is getting angry at Daryl about it!”

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The Walking Dead Abbey Road shirt

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Transportation seems to be out of the question shortly after the fall of socie[kkstarratings][kkstarratings]ty. It is possible for a person or group to walk from one coast to another, finding cars along the way with gas, but what are the chances that they would even make it that far unless their goal was to get to the east coast. Eventually, they could cross paths but that would be one hell of a back story on how that character from FTWD got across the entire nation to be with the cast of TWD. I am waiting for Easter eggs to start popping up on the show though.

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