Shaun Beergoyne Australia’s Silkiest since 2020 shirt

Shaun Beergoyne Australia’s Silkiest Since 2020 Shirt

For one, Shaun King is basically saying that his mother stepped out on her husband during one of their off and on periods (apparently, they had several “off” periods). And his biological father was a light skinned Black man. His natural phenotype might seem to suggest that is possible, although that is hard to determine just based on looks alone (without further context). However, in his case, you don’t see his mother coming out and saying, “He’s full of shit! That’s not true!” Nor are the other family members. And apparently, although it was kind of hush-hush…it was known in the family, and in the wider community. So, if there is nothing to contradict his claim, and his phenotype could go either way, he’s not in the same category as Dolezal – er, Nkechi Diallo, now.

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Shaun Beergoyne Australia’s Silkiest since 2020 shirt

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She darkened her skin artificially, and wore heavy makeup, wore a weave of hair that approximated that of a mixed Black-White individual’s hair and called it her “natural hair.” She claimed that a Black man that was not related to her was her “father.” She claimed this Black father had to flee the Deep South because he stoop up to a racist cop who was going to beat him. A literal midnight train out of Jim Crow South. And further, that he was threatened with death three times during his stint in the Marines. She claimed that her biological father was her “step-father.” And other times, she said there was no proof that either mother or father were her biological parents.

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