Raccoon come to the darkside we have mask shirt

Raccoon Come Darkside Mask Shirt

I speak from the perspective of just a random regular Raccoon come to the darkside we have mask shirt person with a lifetime of close contact and experience with raccoons, mind you- not from any sort of “professional” or scientific platform…but I’d say there are many reasons why they weren’t domesticated. I’ll list beloW. Ignorance. People are so ignorant when it comes to raccoons! Common beliefs that are incorrect but still remain? That they all have rabies, they’re all strictly noctournal, that they are rodents, unintelligent, and even if you do manage to “tame” a raccoon it will always randomly turn against you suddenly. Also, people believe they’re super vicious and violent and filthy. Time and work. Very few people have or are willing to invest and sacrifice the time and effort to caring properly for a raccoon. Period. Theyre nothing like having a dog or cat or even a monkey.

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Raccoon come to the darkside we have mask shirt

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And a pet raccoon is best described like this: imagine being Raccoon come to the darkside we have mask shirt responsible for a non-verbal, extremely mobile toddler with an obsession for inspecting things and exploring…not just any toddler, but a clever, super intelligent one that’s cunning and can traverse a good distance with speed and stealth like no other.  A very strong toddler with sharp nails and no notion of what’s not to be played with…and a toddler you can not discipline by force or a swat on the butt because it won’t work anyway and besides, the toddler wouldn’t ever forgive or forget it. Now while imagining all that, factor in that this toddler keep preposterous sleeping habits, is never not interested in what you’re doing, and believes entirely that you are at best equal to him, if not beneath him, and therefore sees no reason.

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