Peace love free mom hugs Bear LGBT shirt

Peace Love Free Mom Hugs Bear Lgbt Shirt

One of my father’s tennis buddies gave me Peace love free mom hugs Bear LGBT shirt a guitar that he’d had lying around his apartment for years, something that he’d kept from a long-gone associate of his. It was a Gibson hollow-body guitar, a rather basic model with a single-cutaway and a dogeared pickup. It reeked of the blues. The tuning machines were rusty and the top was lifting away from the body in a couple of spots. I didn’t really know what to do with it at the time and it ended up in the closet. When I left home, it stayed there until my folks gave it away to the school white elephant sale. It looked like this:  But I’ve thought about that guitar a lot – I should have taken it up to Harry’s Music Store and had it repaired – I don’t think it needed much to make it playable. It could have been the oldest guitar in my collection.

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Peace love free mom hugs Bear LGBT shirt

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Now I wonder how its P90 would have compared to the Peace love free mom hugs Bear LGBT shirt one on an LP Jr clone I just got, and who benefited upon finding it in the white elephant sale.  My first ever guitar was a Harmony semi-acoustic I bought from a music store for about $100 in 1967. I wanted the semi-acoustic so I could play until I had enough money to buy an amp. It wasn’t a cool guitar like the Fenders and Gibsons my friends had, but I liked the way it played, and besides, I was terrible. It was my only guitar until a neighbor sold me a solid-body Silvertone for $50 a couple of years later. Playing that guitar made me realize how much I liked the Harmony. Anyway, I was home from university for the summer, working swing shift at a cannery to make money to pay for school.

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