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With the same effort a manual drum brake can produce more stopping power than a manual disc brake. This is the reason that drumbrakes are still used in heavy duty commercial trucks. The self-energizing affect can be a disadvantage for control. A disc brake is relatively linear; if you press the pedal twice as hard you shold get twice as much stopping power. A drum brake may produce several times as much stopping power when you brake twice as hard. Threshold braking is the quickest way to stop. Have fun with whichever one you get!

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Official Drum you would be loud too if I were banging you IF shirt

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An skilled driver who is able to brake just short of locking up will stop faster than an unskilled driver or even a car with ABS brakes. Since a disc brake is more linear and predictable they are easier to threshold brake. Another problem with disc brakes is poor parking or emergency brake performance. I owned a Volvo that had disk brakes in front and both disk and drum brakes in rear. The drumbrake was used only for the parking or emergency brake. Power assisted brakes mitigates the increased effort disc brakes require making this point moot except for parking/emergency brakes.

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