Mickey warning I am a big fan of Disney and proud of it shirt

Mickey Warning I Am A Big Fan Of Disney And Proud Of It Shirt

All that really happened was ‘flashing lights’ appearing outside. Then the sound of a car speeding off was heard. My parents went outside to check it out to discover that somebody had entered our front yard and set off firecrackers inside the storm drain. It was open and leftover smoke was coming out of it. We got suspicious and wondered who could have been doing that. I remember my dad had the garage up- and I told him that it needed to be put down. He just ignored me and said that he needed to leave it up because he was trying to get Christmas stuff from the tree put back up in the attic.

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Mickey warning I am a big fan of Disney and proud of it shirt

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I then thought if he was going to be stubborn and act more worried about doing that- I would just go put the garage down myself. As I opened the utility door to do that- I noticed some jerk at the left curb by our driveway getting ready to set off another firecracker. I yelled at him to “get away from our house”- but he just got inside a car that was waiting for him and it went speeding off. Then that firecracker goes off at the left curb- and my parents came running to where I was as they heard it. After seeing the leftover smoke from that one- my mom decided that she was calling the police.

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