Los Angeles Baseball Mookiewood shirt

Los Angeles Baseball Mookiewood Shirt

The best example is Beverly Hills. There are literally gated communities in LA where some of the richest people in the world have their homes. They do not mingle with the folks who take the bus, whereas in other cities, you will see people both rich and poor take the same train. It seems to me that the main problem isn’t people from LA, but people who move here full of hopes and dreams only to find them crushed. LA is a city full of unfulfilled dreams, deflated or inflated egos and constant rejections. The most depressing thing about this is that it is all so showy and glamorous on the outside. Just look at Hollywood and the stars they put out. All that show biz crap is what makes the city so superficial and hypocritical.

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Los Angeles Baseball Mookiewood shirt

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LA’s restaurants and bars are full of good-looking actors hoping to get a break. Do they really want to be working where they’re working? Of course not. If they wanted to wait tables, they could do it in their hometowns. Everyone is always dissatisfied with where they are in life, and what’s more, the people who have succeeded are constantly shoving it in everyone’s faces, from flashy Ferraris to VIP events and best tables in restaurants. Human psychology makes it so that people are happy relative to what people around them have. So when that guy you once knew is suddenly making a million dollars a year, you’re just supposed to be happy that LA has nice weather all-year-round? I don’t think so.

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