Kansas City Chiefs 50 years champion 1969-2019 thank you for the memories shirt

Kansas City Chiefs 50 Years Champion 1969 2019 Thank You For The Memories Shirt

There was never a case where both teams would wear their red jerseys during the Super Bowl. The 49ers had reportedly made a play to wear their alternates, which are all-white throwbacks to the 1994 season (when they last won the Super Bowl) but the league office didn’t approve. There is a reason the salary cap and free agency were implemented. The NFL was trying to prevent dynasties from happening, so that there are new faces in the big game. NFL fans want other teams to have a chance. But we have seen a team win 6 Super Bowls in 18 years.

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Kansas City Chiefs 50 years champion 1969-2019 thank you for the memories shirt

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With the salary cap and free agency, we will never see another run like this again. Great quarterbacks rarely have successful second acts with new teams. Tom Brady isn’t going anywhere. He’s already in every commercial that plays in this locality. So its not like I’m really worried about his popularity or his financial success. That much is a given. You have to trust your quarterback and Shanahan didn’t trust his quarterback. With over two minutes to go in the first half, Shanahan simply chose to run out the clock rather than try to score.

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