Jason Voorhees pitching a tent for you vintage shirt

Jason Voorhees Pitching Tent Vintage Shirt

I am building startup #2 in San Francisco, and am currently immersed in the subject of VC pitches, as we are beginning the process of raising money. I’ve attended classes, workshops, read many books, and invested dozens of hours of reading blogs and other insightful resources for information that can help. I’ve viewed dozens and dozens of pitch decks for inspiration over the last 2 weeks in particular. I have compiled the following list of pitch decks that I personally find the best. Most of my criteria is based on design, rather than the mechanics of the deck, or the business model/viability, for that matter.

When you research how to protect ideas you will quickly realize that ideas are cheap. The hard part is to execute on them. I have 1,000 great ideas, but guess what, most of them I won’t ever do. Not because those ideas are not good, but because I may have no time, or I may find even better ideas to work on. And they may be so tough to work on that I have to spend all my time on it.  When you pitch your idea to VCs to raise capital, it’s very likely they have heard the same idea a dozen of times in the past in variations. So you may give it up right here that you ask them to sign an NDA. a VC will never sign an NDA.

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