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Dachshund Cowboy who you callin’ a wiener shirt

Dachshund Cowboy Who You Callin' A Wiener Shirt

About 2–3 moths later, she said that she was gonna have to shut off her phone and cable just to make her car payment. So of course my husband and I talked and we didn’t want our credit to go bad because of her not able to pay. So she signed the car over to […]

Stark and son brewing winterfell shirt

Stark And Son Brewing Winterfell Shirt

That’s a great question. Poor Tony not only came inches away from death, only to then witness Dr. Strange go out in black ashes, but was holding a frightened young Peter Parker, only to watch him go “poof!” And disappear as well. I have to assume after the credits rolled Tony must have tried to […]

Pikachu face mask and Pig Pokémon Covid-19 baka shirt

Pikachu Face Mask And Pig Pokémon Covid 19 Baka Shirt

In the beginning of the first series of the pokemon anime, episode 2 i belive, ash was attacked by team rocket. What happened after that was that koffing uses smog and pikachu uses thundershock and electrifies coffings smog and blows up the whole pokecenter and that made pikachu appear very strong so team rocket thought […]

Bear hey look a menu vintage shirt

Bear Hey Look A Menu Vintage Shirt

Since you specified McDonalds and not just any restaurant, I’d keep in mind that McDonald’s has to supply a huge number of restaurants so it’s hard to understand the limits of their supply chain. Some ingredients don’t even exist in large enough numbers to supply all their stores. Also, it should be cooked by what […]

Relax it’s just the bud not Corona virus shirt

Relax It's Just The Bud Not Corona Virus Shirt

Crocheting is WAY faster. You can have a small amigurumy ready in 2 or 3 hours, an adult vest (big yarn, big hook) in 1 or 2 weeks. But, remember I mentioned lace? I made a really small short for my daughter; it took me months to finish it (don’t start with lace or you […]

Keep tolkien Bilbo Baggins shirt

Keep Tolkien Bilbo Baggins Shirt

The Sackville-Bagginses (Otho, Lobeila, and Lotho) seem to have been something in the nature of “poorer cousins” to the Hobbiton Bagginses, and clearly had strong designs on Bag End. They’d thought they’d get it when Bilbo was declared dead, and were very resentful when their hopes were dashed. Then they hoped that Bilbo would age […]

Golden Girls Dorothy Bea Safe shirt

Golden Girls Dorothy Bea Safe Shirt

Third, a fair number of the show’s off-camera staff (like producer Marc Cherry) were gay, so they wrote in jokes that would appeal to gay and straight audiences. For example, when Bea Arthur did a Cher imitation, it was funny in its own right, but it was even funnier for gay men who know that […]

Shih Tzu the year when shit got real quarantined shirt

Shih Tzu The Year When Shit Got Real Quarantined Shirt

I had a yorkie who barked a lot. He used to run to the door and bark if he heard anything at all. On the roof, on the road, anywhere. What worked with him was picking him up and going to the door and looking out, with him in my arms. Then I would say, […]

Stay home and drink Coors Light shirt

Stay Home And Drink Coors Light Shirt

I don’t fully agree with that statement, but I do believe that survey research is the best option to get you started. It’s great for testing concepts and gaining broad insights on a specific question from a large group. Surveys are a better jumping off point and tend to be more cost effective than focus […]

Green Bay Packers Strong nurse stethoscope shirt

Green Bay Packers Strong Nurse Stethoscope Shirt

The packers are a publicly held entity, but not publicaly traded. Stock purchases have been offered several times where you could buy them. So if you want a “new” share you would have to wait for the Packers to make more available. If you are looking to get an exsisting share, you would need to […]

Pooh tattoo Dallas Cowboys shirt

Pooh Tattoo Dallas Cowboys Shirt

My mother had planned out my life when I was very young. It’s not all bad, I was able to go badminton, playground and be a kid most times. But all the decision making goes to my mother. I struggle to order food for myself during my teens. I still struggle to fill up application […]

Sonic I’m not a player I’m a gamer players get chicks I get bullied at school shirt

Sonic Im Not Player Im Gamer Players Get Chicks Get Bullied School Shirt

My cousin Jenny is a year older than me, slim 34d tits and very sexy. We always got on well. When I was 199 and she was 20 we were at a family party at a hotel, we were staying over in our own rooms. She was dressed in a sexy mini dress and I […]

Michael Scott quarantine toby spread covid-19 shirt

Michael Scott Quarantine Toby Spread Covid 19 Shirt

About two months into the project, my team was shooting the breeze in our own area when someone decided to start looking people up on LinkedIn. Good way to pass the time, right? Well, we stumble across Ursula’s profile and find that she has linked DETAILED information about the client and project in here profile. […]

Stay inside festival clean toilet shirt

Stay Inside Festival Clean Toilet Shirt

The party was held in a very large home and there were in excess of 200 people there. Most I did not know. I asked my friend where all these people came from and he said he was as surprised as I was. We both thought it must have been invited friends inviting other friends […]

Skeleton pilot social distance warrior shirt

Skeleton Pilot Social Distance Warrior Shirt

He is remembered for the 13th day of Kurukshetra war. On the 13th day, he penetrated the inpenetrable Chakra Vyuha (constant rotating circular formation) of the Kourava army and killed thousands of Kourava warriors. He managed to defeat foremost Kourava warriors like Drona, Shalya, Karna, Kripa, Ashwatthama and Duryodhana. Warrior races? How about the Gurkhas (Nepalese)? […]